Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard for Sale

Meeting guidelines for social distancing and hygiene due to the COVID-19 pandemic mean that many businesses, schools, government offices, and meeting places now need to add clear acrylic sneeze guards to ensure safety from this virus or any other kind of contagious diseases.

How Does Power’s Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard Work?

An acrylic sneeze guard is a thick transparent glass film protection as a barrier between people, which protest against the transfer of harmful germs or contamination. This transparent border between you and other people reduces the chance of germ transfer.

Acrylic sneeze guards come in various shapes and sizes according to your needs and location. They are often required in public places such as offices, restaurants, banks, etc. where people visit often and the danger of spreading a virus is high.

Advantages and Uses of Power’s Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Made in USA

  • These sneeze/acrylic shields were first made to restrict contamination of food in hotels, restaurants or any public eating dine in/take away places. Clear acrylic sneeze guards have since seen a rise in popularity as other industries started using them to separate their employees from their customers. Now Clear acrylic sneeze guards wherever there are receptionists, like at banks, cash counters, department stores, and medical offices. This is to prevent both employees and customers from spreading diseases such as Covid-19.
  • These clear acrylic sneeze guards are also commonly used to restrict splashes and liquid spills, and to contain dangerous airborne contaminants or viruses so they do not spread.
  • Acrylic shields make social distancing easier because it provides a physical barrier between people who must interact. The transparent shield allows interaction but safely prevents spreading disease.
  • Transparent barriers allow people to continue working professionally and safely.

Power’s Acrylic Sneeze Guard Specifications

  • Product shipped in pieces and easily assembled in 5-minutes.
  • Durable and light aluminum frame.
  • Weighing in at only 17 pounds, this screen is easily positioned.
  • Crystal clear, impact- and weather-resistant, the shield is made from OPTIX, a high-quality acrylic sheet.
  • Easily sterilized using a solution of disinfectant soap and water. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL OR CHEMICAL BASED SOLUTIONS – THEY WILL DAMAGE ACRYLIC
  • Enforces social distancing between employees and the public while providing an unobstructed view of surrounding areas.
  • Useful in offices, schools, medical facilities, gyms, hair salons, and food service settings, allowing for closer and safer work
  • Custom cutouts, pass through shelf available on request
  • The custom acrylic thickness or polycarbonate available on request
  • Made in the USA.

Acrylic Sneeze Guard Specifications

Why Use Our Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Clear acrylic sneeze guards restrict the spread of highly contagious diseases and ensure both a healthy workforce and workplace. It also provides added safety for the customers who come for service. A clear acrylic sneeze guard is a sign that you are setting an example that you have invested to make your workplace a better and healthy place for the people working there and also for those who visit frequently. Now we all understand the value of a clean and healthy workplace environment.

Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard for Sale

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