Unlike a standard fridge, a cooler allows you to serve directly from the case or use as a convenient storage solution in a back room. It is also capable of keeping milk colder than a typical refrigerator, meaning it will last longer and reach its recipient in a more refreshing state.

Many companies manufacture milk coolers, but only some supply such a product that’s truly built to last. Powers Equipment Company supplies milk coolers that will be in it for the long haul. Each cooler is energy efficient and quiet, run completely with all copper tubing. Its easy-to-remove trays make it simple to clean so things stay safe and sanitary. You can also purchase an optional lock for security if necessary.

When purchasing a milk coolers, look for one that not only fits well with your storage options, but also will stand the test of time. Serving milk at inappropriate temperatures can lead to illness, which is the last thing any food service business wants to have happen at their location.

Tamara M. Warta is a freelance writer for Powers Equipment Company, one of the top suppliers of milk cooler products.  When you’re looking for a refrigeration system that will keep beverages at a safe and sanitary temperature, a milk cooler is incredibly helpful.