Powers Equipment Has Energy-Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly Options

How Much Power Does a Commercial Fridge Use?

The power needed for a business’s refrigeration has the potential to be the biggest driver of your company’s electric bill, so you may want to investigate energy-efficient commercial refrigerators. Refrigerators work 24/7 in order to preserve your food, floral, or pharmaceutical products at the ideal temperature. Since they usually come in larger sizes and can be situated in hotter environments than household refrigerators, it can take more energy to keep this temperature steady. In recent years, however, advances in design have made commercial refrigerators more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, while still performing at the same professional level.

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Are Commercial Fridges Energy-Efficient?

Not all commercial refrigerators are energy-efficient. Standard models are on average 25 percent less energy-efficient than those that qualify for Energy Star certification. Refrigerators with the Energy Star use anti-sweat heaters, high-efficiency compressors, and condenser fan motors to reduce energy consumption. These features make it so that your refrigerator does not have to work as hard to perform its duty. However, it is important to note that taking good care of an energy-efficient commercial refrigerator is necessary to maintain consistent efficiency.

How Can I Reduce the Energy Consumption of My Refrigerator?

Once you have a commercial refrigerator with energy-efficient standards, proper use and maintenance are the best ways to sustain the energy-saving benefits of your investment. Performing basic routine maintenance is an important skill for commercial refrigerator owners to learn. With all systems in the refrigerator running as they should, you can avoid malfunctions that may result in decreased energy efficiency and spoiled products. Powers Equipment also encourages all owners to hire a professional commercial refrigerator service company for maintenance. Having regular professional maintenance will result in fewer serious repair issues because the problems are fixed before they escalate. Neglecting this maintenance, even for new units, can exacerbate issues that make the refrigerator work harder and less efficiently.

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How Can I Make My Refrigerator Eco-Friendly?

Commercial refrigerators with energy-efficient designs are friendlier to the environment than their standard model counterparts. Powers Equipment refrigerators achieve this eco-friendliness in a few different ways. Coolers are constructed with a urethane sealed foam, providing the highest level of insulation on the market today. All refrigerator doors have LED lighting systems, which keep operating costs low and light replacements to a minimum. Compressors in Powers Equipment’s commercial refrigerators are designed to run only when needed, saving both energy and money for customers. These features ensure that your commercial fridge is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, while still maintaining the optimal temperature for your products.

What do Fridges Use Instead of CFCs?

Refrigerator manufacturers have moved away from using CFCs and other harmful refrigerants in an attempt to decrease the negative environmental impacts these substances cause. Two factors that measure the environmental friendliness of a given refrigerant are Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), and Global Warming Potential (GWP). The two refrigerants with the lowest environmental impact are hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) and hydrofluoro-olefins (HFO). HFCs have some global warming potential but don’t have an effect on the ozone layer. HFOs have zero ozone depletion potential, and a very low GWP, making them the most environmentally friendly option. Powers Equipment makes sure to include the latest technology available in refrigerants for their energy-efficient commercial refrigerators.

Why is it Better to Buy Energy Efficient Commercial Refrigerators?

Energy-efficient commercial refrigerators benefit you, your customers, and the world we share. They will maintain temperature standards for whatever product you are refrigerating, using only what power is necessary. Over time, this investment can mean big savings on your power bill. On top of this efficiency, your customers will be satisfied with well-preserved products. Your decision to use an environmentally friendly commercial refrigerator will also help preserve the world around us. Contact Powers Equipment today to find the right energy-efficient commercial refrigerator for you.