Many florists opt for sliding door floral coolers. This allows customers to easily grab their own arrangement and bring it to the check stand, and also provides a great visual display for customers to peruse. If you decide to purchase a sliding door cooler, try to choose one that is self-contained and ready to plug in. Adjustable shelving is also important, as you will undoubtedly house various stem lengths inside. Finally, look for an environmentally friendly cooler, like those sold by Powers Equipment Company. If you’re in the business of greenery, it only makes sense to keep the earth green as well.

Some floral coolers contain swinging doors. These can be especially helpful as the doors will not get in the way of the arrangements – a customer can easily grab a bouquet without accidentally damaging any others via the weight of the door. Some swinging door models also contain heated door jams and tracks to keep both customer and flowers comfortable.

A final option for floral coolers is an open-air model. This is the most popular with florists, as it allows customers to touch and smell the bouquets prior to purchase. This is the most inviting way to display shop flowers, and these coolers are available in a variety of sizes.

No matter what type of cooler you choose, be sure to store your flowers in an appropriate model able to preserve and bring beauty to your arrangements.

Tamara M. Warta is a freelance writer for Powers Equipment Company, one of the top suppliers of floral cooler products.  When you’re looking for a refrigeration system that will keep flowers looking their best, a floral cooler is an essential purchase.